The Linear Clock

During the day, the pointer (there's only one) slowly moves to the right to show you the time.  At midnight, it starts moving back to the left, taking six hours to return home to 6 AM.  As it does this, optional glow-in-the-dark dots at each night-time hour can show you the time in the dark!
We run a Google search every day. 
Nobody else in the world is making clocks like this!

 Big and Dramatic

Our clocks can be very large!

Each of our three sizes makes sense for a different situation:

  • 40" for over a single door
  • 80" for over a double door
  • 60" as a centerpiece on your wall.

And large, medium, or small, they all are amazing head-turners, conversation pieces, and art that will quietly please you for years to come.


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The ClearTime Clock   

Helpful for Children and Neurodivergence

We've discovered that our Linear Clocks can be enormously helpful for those that struggle to read a round-faced clock, or have trouble orienting to the flow of time. 
We have received feedback from folks with Autism, Dyslexia, ADHD, or whose family members have Alzheimer's or Down's Syndrome.  We are surprised and pleased to find that our work can help people!

Looking for a lower priced model with all the features?

We worked hard to make these ClearTime clocks more affordable for the neurodivergent community.
The results?  Well, our production manager Szilvia, who buys and finishes our fancy hardwoods, looked at the first one and said "I hate it! It's beautiful!"  
And she's right - from two feet away, it's gorgeous walnut or maple woodgrain with perfect lettering. Cleartime clocks have all the same features and reliability as our hardwood clocks.  And we added 15-minute tickmarks, so you can read them even more accurately.

Event Markers

Order a set (12) of magnetic dry-erase marker tags, and lay out the events of the day in a clear and intuitive fashion. These fit on all of our ClearTime clocks, and most of our hardwood clocks too.

Beautiful Inside and Out 

The circuitry, motor, and battery live in this cool living-hinge enclosure.  You recharge it every 9-12 months by plugging in to USB overnight.

It's accurate to 8 sec/year. It comes pre-set to the right time for your timezone. There's a full user manual too, and mounting hardware of course.

Best of all: it self-corrects for Daylight Savings Time!
(And you can disable this if DST goes away.)


We love our clocks!

Left to right: Szilvia, Lindsay, Margot, Agi.

Each clock is so unique that we name it! This is "Delight".

We use locally-sourced Walnut and Maple, and imported, sustainably-harvested exotics like Chechen, Bloodwood and Olivewood.

Our custom electronic brains are professionally manufactured. 

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And you know ... Custom Orders don't upset us!