The ClearTime Clock

We started making these handsome, affordable Linear Clocks last year. They use the same mechanism and concept as our fine-art exotic hardwood clocks, but start at $365.

The difference?  We print these wood-grain clock faces on sturdy, washable, air-release (bubble-free) vinyl, and wrap them on professional signmakers board. They are, in some ways, even better than our high-end clocks!

  • We print these 15-minute markers on the bottom edge, for more accurate readability. 
  • They come in Dark Walnut and Light Maple wood-grain.  From a foot away, they look exactly like wood!
    • Szilvia Csatlos, who buys and finishes our fine hardwoods, saw the first one and said "I hate it! It's beautiful!"
  • They're lightweight and easy to hang.  Or you can set them on a flat surface, and they lean back 10 degrees for stability.
  • Optionally, you can add event markers to show what's going to happen when.  These magnetically attached,  dry-erase markers let you write in whatever you wish.  Great for kids, or those with Autism, Alzheimers, or ADHD.
So, if you love our concept ( thank you! ) but can't quite get past the price of our exotic hardwood clocks ( we get it. ), then these are the clocks for you! 

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