You can buy these clocks right now! We usually ship within a week. (Click a photo below for a closer look.)

Or you can order a Custom clock.  No extra charge - we make them one at a time anyway.

A Linear ... what?

  • Big and dramatic

    Our clocks can be very large! Each of the three sizes makes sense for a different situation:

    40", for over a single door

    80", for over a double door

    60", as a centerpiece on your wall.

    And, large, medium, or small, they all are amazing head-turners and beautiful conversation pieces. These remarkable, functional art pieces will quietly please you for years to come.

  • Unique Concept

    During the day, the pointer (there's only one) slowly moves to the right to show you the time. At midnight, it starts moving back to the left, taking six hours to return home to 6 AM - and as it does this, glow-in-the-dark dots at each night-time hour let you tell the time in the dark!

    We also make ClearTime clocks, intended for people with Alzheimer's, or autism, or dyslexia.

    Nobody else in the world makes clocks like this!

  • Beautiful Inside and Out

    The circuitry, motor, and battery live in this cool living-hinge enclosure. Recharge it every 9-12 months by plugging in to USB overnight.  Accurate to 8 sec/year. Best of all: it self-corrects for Daylight Savings Time! (And you can disable this if DST goes away.)

  • L-to-R: Margot, Linday, Jeff, Amy.

    Handcrafted in Asheville, NC

    Each clock is so unique that we name it! This one is Fiorenza.

    We use locally sourced Walnut and Maple, and imported, sustainably harvested exotics like Bloodwood and Olive.

    Our custom electronic brains are professionally manufactured. We can program them as 18-hour, 24-hour, or any other timeframe.