Clocks from the Lytle Family Tree

Clocks from the Lytle Family Tree


Szilvia and James

James Lytle planted a maple tree with his 8-year-old son Jimmie. That was 45 years ago.  Jimmie and his brothers and sisters grew up playing around this tree.

But James had to take the tree down last year - it was competing with the plumbing.  So he and his wife Margaret came to us, and asked us if we could make nine linear clocks, one for each of his children and grandchildren, as christmas presents.

Margaret and Szilvia

I thought this was the coolest thing ever.  I said "Yes! We'd love to!" I asked him to mill them to one inch thick, not two, and dry them.  We have his beautiful ambrosia maple boards in our shop now, and are working on them.

Soon to be Clocks 1 through 9

We've had several other people say "Can you use my lumber?" but Mr Lytle is the first to actually follow through.  This is just heartwarming.

And now we affectionately refer to him by his Native American name: James Nine Clocks.

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What a beautiful story!! So nice to have all those special memories built into each clock.
Will you please post photos of the clocks when they are finished? The planks look amazing.
Thank you

Sue VanNote

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