• 30-second video of our Shop Clock

    We make 'em - we use 'em! Of course in this case, nothing after 6 Pm matters...
  • The rare new thing

    Creativity isn’t dead.
  • Lots of love at Gatlinburg

    Crowds at our Gatlinburg booth
  • Genius hangers

    Most of these clocks fit well near the ceiling, over a door or a window. But if they’re not perfectly parallel with the ceiling, that'll make you c...
  • We feel good about Olivewood now.

    We're not cutting down ancient olive trees.
  • Our timeless process... 🪵💪

    We do some beautiful woodworking here...
  • What's in a name?

    Dwarves? Gods? Scientists? Oh my.  We started naming each clock back about #15. It was just easier to remember names than numbers. And every cloc...