A Common Sense Clock Design

Our Linear Clocks are utterly intuitive!

A single pointer moves slowly across the clock face during the day.

They help people with Autism, Alzheimers, Dyslexia, etc.

You can lay out events of the day with our dry-erase magnetic tags.



  "My daughter likes the Linear Clock. She has a bit more of a sense of calm. She has been making connections around the order of events and passage of time. It's an anchor point for us that helps time not be so abstract. She will still ask things over and over, but it helps to have this thing that we can continually reference, and I see it giving her a sense of calm."

- Anjeanette Stokes, mother of a 9-year old with Down's Syndrome. 

   "I meant to message you sooner about how perfect the Linear Clock is for my son, Adam.  He loves it! I'm able to maintain some sanity, too. Lol. Now, I place a whiteboard magnet on the designated time for something and whenever he wants to know how close we are, he runs to his room to check the clock.  It's the perfect visual he needed."

-Emily Eagle, RN

Here at Linear Clockworks, we are enormously pleased to find that our Linear Clocks can be more than just beautiful conversation pieces. Our customers continue to tell us how well this unique design helps their loved ones. We hope to help your loved ones, too!

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