We build these clocks...

... and we love our work.

I'm Lindsay Morris,  the owner / inventor here. (CEEO: Chief Everything Else Officer.) I've started three successful software development companies (lots of inventions in that world!). I keep coming up with new ideas.

This idea, the Linear Clock, has fully engaged me for the last few years.  I've learned electrical engineering well enough to finally hire a real electrical engineer and get quality circuit boards.

My team has built a nice shop and an effective process for creating these beautiful clocks.  I'm quite proud of them and the whole concept. Our daily google alert says nobody else in the world is making anything similar.  

Margot Sanders is our Mechatronic Lead. She builds the electronics and the “sleds” that drive our clocks.  She's immensely competent, and a little bit driven.  It’s surprising how many little problems there are to solve. It’s less surprising that they all vanish under her steady hand.