Time, Simplified.

Lindsay Morris (with excellent help!) keeps Linear Clockworks running.
An inventor for many years, he started three successful software development companies, and implemented many interesting gadgets, most of which still function in his home and shop.  
About the Linear Clock, he says: "I came up with the idea a few years ago.  It seemed like nobody else was doing it, so I let it take hold of me.  It hasn't let go yet. It keeps expanding, in fact - I have to sell some just because I'm out of wall space." 
Even now, nobody else is making anything similar.
Our shop can make a clock in 2 days or less.  And amusing ideas for clock face designs keep coming up: the 3-D Blue Ridge Mountains, a slide-rule clock, numerals in High Gallifreyan (for Doctor Who fans) ... we'd love to hear your wild ideas, and make a custom clock for you!