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Build-your-own Linear Clock Kit

Build-your-own Linear Clock Kit

Lots of woodworkers want to use our mechanism and their own lumber.  So we're trying to oblige. but be aware:

  • It may take a few weeks: we have to take care of our own clock customers first.
  • One per customer please!  If you want to produce them in quantity, talk to us first.

We've thought of everything.  This kit includes:

  • A "sled": the electronics, the case, the gears, the battery, and it holds the pointer (which you will make).
    • We have to program the sled for you to the correct run length: that's from the center of the leftmost number to the center of the rightmost number.   So please decide on the length before you order; use "Special Instructions for Seller" as you check out, to tell us the length. 
    • A length of the rubber track that the sled gears ride on
    • A sample piece of molding to support the rubber track
    • A pair of our clever easy-leveling angle hangers
    • Mounting hardware
    • Charging cable
    • A user guide

    You will have to make:

    • The clock face
    • The lettering for the clock face (or use our laser-cut letters) 
    • You can ask the sled to "calibrate" (see User Guide); then it will stop at every hour, so you'll know exactly where to place each number.
    • Some way to support the rubber track (you can use a length of molding from a  lumber store: we include a sample)
    • The standoffs that hold it away from the wall so the sled can move (we miter these from the clock face). 
    • A pointer (a 3/8" dowel attaches it to the sled).

    Feel free to correspond with us about your project - we'd love to see what you're doing! Email us at

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