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ClearTime clocks

ClearTime clocks

These are more affordable versions of our fine-art, exotic-hardwood Linear Clocks.

Why did we start making these?  Well, a year ago, a woman wrote "My dad has dementia. He can't read a round clock anymore. But he could read one of your clocks!"

Since then, many people have told us that other parts of the neurodiverse community (those with Alzheimer's, Autism, Dyslexia, or ADHD) would benefit from our linear design. So we have done our best to make them more affordable. 

The face is printed on 1/2” signmaker’s board in a handsome wood-grain pattern, with color-coordinated  lettering. We also added 15-minute tickmarks for more accurate reading. 

And in truth, they'll look really nice anybody's wall, neurodiverse or not!


There are two additional options available with the Cleartime clocks (you may only choose one due to space considerations.)

  • Event-marker tags on which you can lay out the events of the day at the time they will occur. Great for classrooms or those with ADHD, Autism, etc. $50 additional charge.
  • Add a quotation of your choice along the bottom edge. For example, we like "This Day Is Yours".   $25 additional charge. 


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