Daylight Savings Time Software upgrade

Daylight Savings Time Software upgrade

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Our newer clocks automatically adjust for Daylight Savings Time: they spring forward and fall back on those special Sunday mornings at 2 AM. *

How to tell: Press a time-set button on the sled and look at the date and time on the bottom line (see photo).  If it doesn't say "EST" or "EDT" after the date, you'll have to set the time manually twice a year, like you probably do on all your other clocks.

We can reprogram your clock if you wish.  You'll have to ship it to us - pack it carefully, please! - and we'll get it back to you within the week. We'll pay the shipping back to you, but since we don't know how you'll pack it (size, weight), we can't pay shipping to us - we ask that you do that.  Ship to:

Linear Clockworks
54 Fairview Street
Asheville NC 28803

And we'll need to know your serial number or clock's name.  The serial number is on the inside of the standoff on the 6 AM end.


* You can disable this with a tiny switch, DIP switch 1, inside the clock.