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Our first ever metal clock face is plasma-cut from 16 gauge cold rolled steel and aluminum. The gear-and-arrow pointer is cut from the same material.  The clock face is hand finished with an environmentally safe mixture to achieve a warm yet industrial finish. The...


Arial is our first ClearTime clock featuring a painted backdrop. We asked local Asheville-area artist Kathleen Turczyn for one of her paintings, and she was delighted to offer this beautiful painting, "Cloud Sunset or Heaven's Prism", of illuminated clouds to...


Osceola features an exquisite length of Walnut with purple and golden tones and a hefty lower live edge. The raised lettering in Lobster font and the engraved hummingbird pointer in Maple make a pleasing contrast with the darker Walnut.  At...


12" high with pointer Coming soon Pre-order


10,5" high Coming soon Pre-order


6,5" high Coming soon Pre-order


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10,5" high Coming soon Pre-order